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An Open Letter to Pragmatic Conservatives

I can relate to those who believe that any alternative to Bill Clinton/Al Gore/John Kerry/[name a Democrat] would be acceptable. For years I voted based on who could win, with their faithfulness to conservative principles a secondary concern. It always seems to come down to one or all of the following: (1) Supporting a candidate who claims to be conservative but routinely compromises principle, because you fear the "worse" candidate; (2) thinking that winning elections is the objective – without regard to what policies are enacted after you win; or (3) the belief that the GOP can be reformed. These all involve placing pragmatism over principle – and you never win playing that game.

To expect that the GOP will enact a conservative or Constitutional agenda requires quite a lot of ignoring of the GOP's record and statements over the last 30 and more years. Pragmatism has proved to get us nowhere. By choosing the GOP, you are only advocating going to the same destination the Democrats would take us, maybe in some cases at a slower pace. Nowadays, the GOP doesn't even pretend to be conservative; on issue after issue, they are trying to be a "lite" version of the Democrats.

As someone said at our National Convention, "it's time to stop fearing Democrats, and start fearing God." We have to do the right thing (get rid of evil politicians), but we have to do it the right way (supporting godly men, not those who condone evil). What's the difference, in God's eyes, between "more evil," and "evil?" The only difference between the GOP and Democrats is the degree of evil they support – and at least the Democrats are not trying to fool us about where they stand.

Peg Luksik, founder of the Constitution Party of Pennsylvania, made a terrific speech at our National Convention. It centered on an illustration of political parties as buses. You are on a bus to the wrong destination (San Diego). You have argued with the driver, telling him to go to New York, where you want to go. He ignores you, so you threaten to get off the bus. You threaten louder – so he tells you you can have a special commission to study your concerns. He offers you the best seat on the bus. He makes you the Chief Assistant Back Seat Driver. He offers to paint the bus a different color. Finally, he points out that he is not going to San Diego as fast as some other buses ...


Your fatalist support of the GOP is only delaying the victory of the movement to replace it. There are many in the Constitution Party sacrificing much to build a party of principle. If all those taking the easy way out would stop spouting pragmatism and defeatism, and start helping, the battle would be won quickly.

Do you really believe that God would call you to vote for any party or candidate that has knowingly appointed judges to decree that Roe V. Wade is legitmate, who consent to the continuation of 1.5 million abortions per year – including every year that the GOP has had a pro-life plank in their platform? Remember, many GOP senators voted for Stevens, Breyer, O'Connor, Souter, Ginsburg, and Kennedy. Some of those judges had well known pro-abortion positions, the rest were clearly not committed to life or judicial restraint. You don't see the Democrats letting GOP judges on the bench unless they are not pro-life, even the GOP nominees that are mildly pro-life. Had Reagan, Bush, and Dole even held to that one principle – appointing pro-life judges – Roe would be history. Instead, thanks to a Supreme Court with seven GOP judges, both Partial Birth Abortion and homosexual sodomy are protected rights!

Do we really think God will use leaders who value power over principle to restore our Government to its original principles? God often used evil people to punish His children. I never once read where He used the evil people to lead the reform movement back to Him. Search the Scriptures – He raised up leaders committed to Him. Every Republican that Christians and conservatives have lined up behind has a clear record of supporting the unconstitutional role of the Federal government. They have appointed and voted for judges who trash the Constitution. They have helped or stood silent as the Federal governement usurped authority it was not allowed and spent money it was not allowed to spend. Some make a show of Christian faith, but their records speak louder – if we would only stop pretending those records didn't exist.

Before the Revolution, the Founders had to do something harder than fighting for liberty. They had to vote to approve the signing of a document that was essentially their death warrant. Did they try to compromise and get some relief from the King? Did they decide to become a colony of France, just to escape the tyranny of the King? Did they give in to the impossibility of their task? Thank God Almighty, they did not. They voted to commit their "lives, fortunes, and sacred honor." That commitment to ally themselves with Godnot their military strength – made us free. Today, we won't even put our convenience on the line, but instead work against Godly reformers.

In Isaiah 50:2 God says: "When I came, why was there no-one? When I called, why was there no-one to answer? Was my arm too short to ransom you? Do I lack the strength to rescue you? By a mere rebuke I dry up the sea, I turn rivers into a desert; their fish rot for lack of water and die of thirst."

Is God's arm too short to give the Constitution Party victory over the GOP/DEMS/Establishment and everyone else? I think not! And are we so wise or strong that we can help Him out – by compromising with supporters of evil? No! Can you honestly tell me that you will go into the voting booth, look up at God, say "I am doing this because it honors You" and pull the GOP lever? If you can't even stand up for your conscience in the privacy of that booth, before the God who made you, do you really expect those you vote for to withstand all the pressures they are under in public and make right choices, whatever the consequences? I guarantee you – they will be no better than you.

As for the Constitution Party not being able to win, it sounds like you expect the CP to ask for your vote after it has already won the victory. NEWS FLASH: Then, we won't need your help. Can you see Patrick Henry waiting for everyone else to go out and fight, and if the odds got better, he would join the cause? That's the argument you are making.

There is no shortage of people who will stand around and complain, while others do the heavy lifting. If you expect any change with that attitude, I wouldn't hold your breath. The reason the CP "can't" win is because people like you won't support the CP – you like to mouth conservatism, but when the going gets tough, you head for the comfort zone with lots of excuses. If you will continue in your excuses for your pragmatism, then I'm glad you weren't around in 1776.

I urge you to set a high standard – and support no one who does not meet it.

"If, to please the people, we offer what we ourselves disbelieve, how can we afterwards defend our work? It is our task to raise a standard to which the wise and honest may repair, recognizing that the event is in the hands of God." – George Washington, 1787

"Moderation in temper is a virtue, but moderation in principle is always a vice." – Thomas Paine

Everything I have written is not new. It should be enough to make your decision, but you can read a lot more at the CP web site. Then come back and tell me why we should try to reform the GOP, which betrays our principles daily.

Mitch Turner

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