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Virgil Goode in Richmond Tuesday, 10/16—meet him at this free event!

Oct 16th, 2012 at 7 pm, Midlothian Library Meeting Room, 521 Coalfield Rd, Midlothian Va. You must RSVP here or email us at the contact link above. Laurence Nordvig, Chairman of the CPV Central Region, has organized a great event and a chance to talk with Virgil Goode.

Goode-Clymer 2012: Save America!

Don Casey speaking in Staunton on 10/10

Oct 10th, 2012 at 7 pm, The Spring Lakes Clubhouse, 48 Meadow Glen Drive, Staunton, Virginia 24401. Don will be speaking on issues related to the Agenda 21, including Georgia’s 2012 passage of an anti-Agenda 21 statute. Don has just returned from Australian and will have a special report on events and conditions in the Land Down Under.

VA Attorney General drops investigation

9/21/12: “It is not uncommon to find some irregularities in candidate petitions that contain thousands of signatures. Regardless of any such irregularities, the candidate had enough valid signatures to qualify for the ballot. Therefore, the attorney general has concluded that the State Board of Elections was correct in certifying Goode for inclusion in the Virginia presidential ballot.”

Virgil Goode, Jr.

Virgil Goode certified for November ballot

Despite a last minute attempt by the Republican Party of Virginia to keep us off the ballot with made-up charges of fraud, former Virgnia Congressman Virgil Goode has been certified for Virginia's Presidential ballot in November as the Constitution Party's candidate. He will be third on the ballot. Visit Virgil Goode's website and join the effort to elect a principled candidate!

Constitution Party of Central Virginia is holding a meeting on Sep. 11

The Constitution Party of Central Virginia is holding a meeting on Sep. 11, 2012, 7pm, at the Midlothian Branch of the Chesterfield County Public Library. The address is 521 Coalfield Rd., Midlothian, VA. We will explore the platform of the Constitution Party, answer FAQ's, and plan strategy to restore limited, constitutional government to our nation. Light refreshments served. If you have questions, post them to our Facebook group or email us.

Attorney General of Virginia Investigates Goode Petition Effort

It has been reported that AG Cuccinelli has opened an investigation into "suspected fraud" on petitions turned in to the State Board of Elections. The CPV categorically denies participating, encouraging, or knowingly tolerating any fraud. Read our statement.

CP Virginia Email List and Discussion Group

If you want to keep up with what is going on in CPV, and be notified when something is happening in your area, please register here to join our email list. Join our Facebook group. Also, a discussion group has been formed to discuss issues, candidates, and news. Please join it at Yahoo! Groups.

Make Congress Feel the Heat

Join the Read the Bills Act Coalition at, a non-partisan group. DownSizeDC advocates many common-sense reforms and gives you some great tools to keep pressure on Congress.

New CPRV website

Check out the new CP Roanoke Valley website, and take note of their upcoming meeting on 2/18.

2009 Virginia Elections – CPV Candidates

French Mackes was the Constitution Party candidate for the Virginia General Assembly, House of Delegates, District 85 (Virginia Beach area). He received over 3,400 votes, or 18.4%, against the Republican incumbent.

Will Smith was the Constitution Party candidate for the Virginia General Assembly, House of Delegates, District 19 (Bedford and Botetourt counties). He received over 3,600 votes, or 15%, in a three-way race.

Scott Wolk was the Constitution Party write-in candidate for the Virginia General Assembly, House of Delegates, District 8 (Roanoke area). The State Board of Elections did not break out write-in votes by name in their report of totals.

Upcoming meetings and events

The Bristol Area Chapter of the Constitution Party meets at 7 pm on the first Tuesday of every month in the Commission Room of the Sullivan County Courthouse, Blountville, TN. For more info click here or call the Chapter Chairman, Kermit Steck at 423-383-8067.

Constitution Party of Botetourt County Meeting
Date/Time: 2nd Tuesday of every month, 6:30 pm
Place: Old Courthouse, Fincastle, VA

Email Will Smith if any questions.

Statewide Party Meeting 2/21

There was a State-wide meeting of CP VA held on Saturday, February 21 in Richmond. We covered the following topics (more details will be provided when the minutes are completed):

2008 Presidential Race
2012 Presidential Race
2009 VA Races (3 prospective Delegate candidates were at the meeting!)
Party Building
New Party Officers/District Chairmen
Treasurer’s Report

2008 Election Results

Below are results from the 2008 Presidential Election. Totals may have changed slightly as final results were certified. This list includes a calculation of how cost-effective each campaign was. Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party was the most cost effective!

  • Candidate (Party) / Amount Raised / Amount Spent / Votes = Average Spent per Vote
  • Barack Obama (D) / $532,946,511 / $513,557,218 / 69,447,084 = $7.39 per vote
  • John McCain (R) / $379,006,485 / $346,666,422 / 59,925,610 = $5.78
  • Ralph Nader (I) / $4,496,180 / $4,187,628 / 736,434 = $5.69
  • Bob Barr (L) / $1,383,681 / $1,345,202 / 524,334 = $2.57
  • Chuck Baldwin (C) / $261,673 / $234,309 / 196,505 = $1.19
  • Cynthia McKinney (G) / $240,130 / $238,968 / 161,146 = $1.48

Groups in Southwest Virginia

There are now CP groups formed in the following city/counties.  Click on the closest city/county to email the Group Coordinator.
Augusta, Botetourt, Campbell, Charlottesville, Floyd, Montgomery, Roanoke, Rockbridge, Salem, Vinton

Regional Meeting in District 5-6 Area 6/12

At the public library in Fincastle (11 Academy Street, Fincastle, VA 24090) at 6 pm on June 12th. If you have any questions please email us.

Regional Meeting in Salem 6/18

At Faith Baptist Church, 900 8th Street, Salem, VA. June 18, 2008 at 7:00p.m. Guest Speaker is Scotty Wolk, SW Regional Director of the CP of VA. A ballot access petition drive in the Roanoke area will be discussed as well, so please come to support the effort.

National Convention in Kansas City

Chuck Baldwin was selected as the Presidential candidate for the CP, and Darrell Castle as VP. You can visit Chuck's website and make a donation; make sure you get on his mailing list. We are organizing ballot petition gathering. If you are willing to help, make sure you are on the email list (register above) so you get the word on how to help.

Quadrennial Convention in Vienna

The Quadrennial Convention of the of the Constitution Party of Virginia was held on Saturday, 12 April 2008 at the Vienna Community Center in Vienna, VA. Delegates to the National Convention were selected. Ballot access for the Presidential election was discussed. The conservative Independent Greens, who have helped us in previous ballot drives, have made huge steps towards completing the petition drive for this year, but we are waiting on info from the State Board of Elections to be sure we can use those petitions that were collected before our convention. We will still need some help, especially in the more sparsely populated districts. After the National Convention, we will have our candidates selected, and will get petition info to ou, including petitions you can download, print, and copy. If you want to keep up to date on what's happening, please REGISTER. If you want to see the state convention minutes, they should be posted in the Files section of the Yahoo discussion group, which you should join.

November Statewide Meeting in Charlottesville

There will be a statewide meeting of the Constitution Party on Saturday, 17 November 2007 at the Northside Library in Charlottesville, VA. Time: 12:15 PM to 4:45 PM (Official meeting time 1-4 pm, come early if you can to get acquainted). Location: Northside Library, 300 Albemarle Square, Charlottesville, VA 22901. To RSVP, please vote at the poll in our Yahoo group (if you haven't joined, please do – it's a private group and your contact info won't be seen by anyone).

2007 Constitution Party Candidates

Dr. Robert Owens – Virginia State Senate:  Dr. Owens got 33% of the vote!
Eli Jones – Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors:  Eli got 5.6% of the vote in his race.

Opportunites to promote the Constitution Party

Festivals and events around the state:

Statewide Meeting on March 31st

We held a statewide meeting on Saturday, March 31st, near Richmond. In addition to learning more about the party, planning for this year (always an election year in Virginia), and getting to meet others fed up with the two-party monopoly, the founder of the Constitution Party and Chairman of the CPV, Howard Phillips, spoke.

November Election

Unfortunately, CPV was not able to recruit any candidates to run in this year's election. And there are no candidates for Federal Office which we can endorse, based on their positions. Does that mean you should bother voting? NO! The Virginia Marriage Amendment is important, please support it! Don't vote for the Democrat or Republican unless they have really earned your vote – most have not and should not be supported just because they are not as bad as the other person. Check out any candidates from other parties; the Independent Greens are running candidates in most races. Or write-in a candidate!

Make sure the political elites know you were at the polls, voting, but not for them. You can count on the fact that their analysts will be tracking how many people vote for the Marriage Amendment but don't vote for one of the Republicrat candidates.

Northern VA Meeting

On Oct. 7th we held a meeting in Manassas to discuss party building. We're going to continue to meet quarterly. We need people in other areas of the Commonwealth to be points of contact for their area and start a meeting. Getting to know each other, sharing ideas, recruiting candidates, finding local issues to get behind or oppose... all of those are great ways to get people involved. If there is no activity, people will assume the CPV is dead in your area. If you plan a meeting, let us know by email and we will send an announcement to all the people who have registered online from your area.

Marriage Amendment on Ballot This Fall

Tim Duskin has written a commentary on the Virginia Marriage Amendment Campaign. The Amendment to the Virginia Constitution will be voted on this Fall, and CPV encourages everyone to get involved in passing it. Read the article here.

2005 Virginia Fall Elections

CPV had a candidate in the race for Delegate in District 76. Running against a Republican, Jim Scheideman received 21.59 % of the vote (4,961 to 17,960 votes).

Statewide Meeting

On August 6th we held a statewide meeting in Centreville to discuss current activities, particularly the District 76 Delegate race.

2004 Post-Election Analysis

Christians Controlled by "Spirit of Fear"

Chuck Baldwin has written a dead-on article about Christians compromising their principles despite the Bible's warning against the "Spirit of Fear." Read this great article and send a link to everyone you know.

2004 Election Results

These are the latest Virginia numbers as of Nov. 7. They are still unofficial and changing as absentee and provisional ballots are counted can certified.

 Candidates  Party Vote Totals Percentage
  Bush/Cheney  Republican 1,717,477 53.69%
  Kerry/Edwards  Democratic 1,454,517 45.47%
  Badnarik/Campagna  Libertarian 11,057 0.35%
  Peroutka/Baldwin  Constitution 10,157 0.32%
  Write Ins    5,455 0.17%
  Total:    3,198,663  

You can see the latest state results and even check what happened in your local precinct here.

Stay tuned for updates. PLEASE register at this site to stay in contact (Registration at is a separate affair, and you should do that, too). We will shortly have a CP Meetup group going and let you know.

If you have changed your email address since you registered with this site, make sure you log in with your old email address and update your email address.

The Schiavo Murder

Expect to hear from the "pro-life" political groups that the Bush brothers "did all they could" to help Terri Schiavo, as they justify voting for Republicans who tolerate millions of murders year after year. Read Scott Whiteman's analysis of what the President and Governor were required to do, but didn't.

Final Push To Election Day

Please see the item above on how to help. And here are some recent articles that would be useful to send to conservatives still buying into the "lesser of two evils" vote:

Talking Points About The Bush Record

It's frustrating when Conservatives and Christians repeat the same worn-out myths about why we must vote for Bush... how he will appoint better judges than Kerry.... When you look at the record, you realize that a Bush win would not be better than a Kerry win. In fact, thanks to men like Bush, we've lost so many major battles in the culture war. Read a list of quick bullets about the Bush record. Here's another great article by Chuck Baldwin that summarizes how there is no real difference between Kerry and Bush.

Ballot Access

We made it! Peroutka/Baldwin will be third on the Virginia ballot.We turned in over 21,000 signatures to the State Board of Elections on Aug. 20. The requirement was 10,000 signatures of registered voters. Proving how difficult this feat is, Ralph Nader was rejected for a line on the ballot because even though he turned in more than enough signatures, not enough were valid.

CP Presidential Nominating Convention Elects Peroutka

We had a great convention 23-26 June. Michael Peroutka of Maryland was elected the Constitution Party candidate for President in 2004. Visit his web site at

Vice Presidential Candidate Selected

The CP National Convention elected Chuck Baldwin, a pastor and well-known political commentator, as the VP candidate of the Constitution Party. Read this great speech Chuck Baldwin delivered before the State of Ohio Reform Party Annual Convention in Ashland, Ohio, Sat. May 8, 2004.

State Convention On March 24, 2004

The CP Virginia Quadrennial State Convention is March 24, 2004, in Vienna, Virginia. Please fill out the Response Form whether you can attend or not. Follow this link for more information and the Response Form >>.

VA Chapter of Young Constitutionalists Hosting Speakers March 16, 2004

The Christopher Newport University (Newport News, VA) chapter of the YC is hosting two guest speakers talking about trade and immigration policy. The event is being held on Tuesday, March 16, from 3-5 PM. The speakers are Bill Hawkins from the U.S. Business & Industry Council and Erin Anderson, affiliated with Numbers USA. If you have any questions or need directions, please email Josh Dermer.

Why Christians Should Not Vote for George W. Bush

A great article by Dr. Patrick Johnston, carefully footnoted, discussing our obligation to support Godly principles. If you intend to base your vote this November on truth rather than fear of Democrats, you need to read this article.

Coalition to Stop Gov. Warner's Tax Hike

A broad coalition has formed to stop Governor Warner from raising our taxes. Unfortunately, many Republicans seem willing to go along with him. Visit the Coalition's web site at

VA Chapter of Young Constitutionalists in the News

The Christopher Newport University, VA, chapter of the YC participated in a panel discussion about affirmative action. On Dec. 3, 2003, the Hampton Roads Daily Press covered the well-attended event, marking the first time in the history of the Young Constitutionalists that a newspaper outside of campus has reported about them. Josh Dermer was the YC representative in the panel discussion.

Constitution Party Supports General Boykin

People and groups of all political stripes have criticized US Army Lt. Gen. William Boykin because he dared to speak of our conflict with Islamist terrorists in terms of spiritual warfare – in a church! Read the CP Press Release in support of General Boykin's right to express his faith. Where are President Bush and the Republicans?

Elected Congress vs. Appointed Congress

Groups are attempting to pass a Constitutional Amendment to allow appointment of Congressmen in cases of undefined National emergencies. The Coalition to Preserve an Elected Congress is working to keep our Representatives accountable to the people. Read this letter from Howard Phillips and Phyllis Schlafly and visit Also read Howard Phillips' commentary on the proposed amendment and the group behind it.

CP Supports Chief Justice Moore and the Ten Commandments

Party Press Release

Christopher Newport University (Newport News, VA) Young Constitutionalists Support Chief Justice Moore. Read the Press Release

Constitution Party Denounces Pro-Sodomy Court Decision, Seeks Impeachments

Read the Press Release at the CP National web site

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