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CP One of Few Groups to Support General Boykin


November 3, 2003
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LANCASTER, PA: The Constitution Party supports one of the most distinguished officers in the United States Army, and stands for the First Amendment right of all military personnel to express their religious beliefs. Members and leaders from the party's National Committee rejected those trying to silence Lt. General William G. Boykin, who was secretly videotaped by a Los Angeles Times columnist as he spoke at Church meetings.

General Boykin said terrorists hate America because "we're a Christian nation, because our foundation and our roots are Judeo-Christian, and the enemy is a guy named Satan." Republicans and Democrats have condemned these remarks. President Bush and other senior members of the administration undermined Boykin's comments, claiming they do not represent the views of the United States.

But Constitution Party National Chairman, Jim Clymer says the General is right. "General Boykin rose through the ranks as an officer in the Delta Force and his military service in defense of our country has been exemplary, setting the standard for all military officers; he knows how to fight our enemy better than anyone," Clymer said.

The Washington Post joined the LA Times in calling for Boykin's removal as Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence, which would mark the end of religious freedom in the Pentagon. The Constitution Party believes "that newspapers have a right to print their editorial opinions, even when they are wrong. But General Boykin also has a right to express his faith," Clymer added.

Clymer further responded to the Washington Post editorial, "The Constitution guarantees their right to print opinion, but Americans don't have to agree with what we read on the Washington Post Op Ed page." Clymer continued, "While some in media may attempt to conjure political controversy out of it, a Christian soldier has every right to speak about his religious beliefs."

Members of the Constitution Party National Committee worry that Boykin's opponents might be motivated by anti-Christian bias. "The U.S. military provides chaplains from every religion and soldiers participate in services wearing their uniform," said Maryland committee member, Dave Franklin. "Yet, when a successful officer is a Christian, he is told to keep quiet in Church," Franklin said.

The issue raised other questions. Franklin asked, "Does this mean a soldier can't say the Lord's prayer when he is in uniform? Will the President disclaim it and say that the Lord's prayer doesn't represent the views of America?"

Virginia committee member Alison Potter added that she was concerned about President Bush's failure to stand up for Boykin's rights. "The President has defended the people’s right to protest our troops’ mission in Iraq," she said. "Why doesn't he stand for the rights of a senior officer in the Pentagon?" asked Potter.

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