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Below find a letter from Phyllis Schlafly and Howard Phillips asking you to sign the resolution opposing the Constitutional Amendment to appoint Congressmen instead of electing them. Please go to and sign the resolution. Please email this info to your email list and if you have a website add a link (see

September 2003

Dear Friend of the Constitution,

A private group called the Continuity of Government (COG) Commission recently gathered at the American Enterprise Association to share worries about the possibility that a terrorist attack might create hundreds of simultaneous vacancies in Congress. The group offered its solution: pass a constitutional amendment to allow House of Representatives vacancies to be filled through appointment by the Governors.

The plan to convert the House of Representatives from an elected body to an appointed body in the event of a national emergency is a terrible idea. The direct election of Members of the House accountable to "we the people" is the centerpiece of the American constitutional system and has been a major factor in preserving our liberties.

To oppose this drastic change in our U.S. Constitution, we organized the Coalition to Preserve an Elected Congress. To learn more about this issue and the arguments, we invite you to check out our website:

The way to prepare for the emergency that we hope will never happen is to pass the "Continuity in Representation Act" (H.R. 2844) sponsored by Rep. James Sensenbrenner, Rep. David Dreier and Rep. Ron Paul. This bill would require special elections within 21 days in the event that a disaster caused 100 or more vacancies in the House of Representatives.

We urge you to sign our Petition to Protect Your Right to Elect Your Own Congress — either as an individual or as head of your organization, or both. You can sign and return the enclosed copy of the Petition or sign up on our website. Support for our Coalition would be much appreciated.


Howard Phillips    Phyllis Schlafly

Read Howard Phillips' commentary on this proposed Amendment and who's behind it.

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