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Why Not the Libertarian Party?

Elizabeth Michael wrote:

> I'd like to suggest to Mitch and all the other lurkers that we in the Libertarian Party ARE the third party, which can come into the Congress and fix this mess. We are running candidacies to win at the Congressional level this year. Even for you USTP (now CP) loyalists and Reform party activists who are looking for folks to vote for, I'd like to suggest voting for us: we are probably in 80 to 90% agreement with you on your issues.
> Elizabeth Michael
> Acting Chair, Libertarian National Congressional Committee
> Candidate for Congress CA27
> "And when they play, 'Hail to the Chief', Lord, they're pointin' the cannon at you......"
> ......from "Fortunate Son", Creedence Clearwater Revival

Elizabeth –

A good question, which I had not thought through. So I went through the process I did when deciding to leave the GOP for the Constititution Party (then the USTP) – I went and read both their platforms. I would encourage everyone to do the same and read the Libertarian Party Platform and Statement of Principles.

I don't think we who believe in the principles behind the CP can ever support the Libertarian Party (LP) or its candidates. PLEASE NOTE, this does not mean we cannot ever have an ALLIANCE with them to achieve some common goal, like defeat or enactment of a piece of legislation. An alliance is very different from positive support for an organization which doesn't share – or even rejects – your principles.

And that is the basis of the case against our support for the LP. Let's look at some of their principles: "As Libertarians, we seek a world of liberty; a world in which all individuals are sovereign over their own lives ... The world we seek to build is one where individuals are free to follow their own dreams in their own ways, without interference from government or any authoritarian power."

The foundation of this country is based on the principle that individuals ARE NOT sovereign over their own lives – God is! This difference in the source of governmental authority shows up quickly as the CP and LP derive policy positions from their respective authority sources. Both believe in liberty – but true liberty is derived from – and governed by – God's authority. Libertarian liberty rests on no absolute authority, so it is only a matter of time before it is hijacked by the sinful predisposition of men.

A glaring example: Abortion. We in the CP believe in the right of people to make their own choices within the constraints of moral liberty. But since we believe that every person has that right, and others, from a Creator, we cannot usurp the Creator's authority and take the right to life from His weakest creatures. WE do not tell HIM when HIS creatures may have the rights He has endowed them with. The LP makes its policy by placing the mother's desires over the rights of the child – which does one of two things: Decides the unborn child has no rights, i.e, usurps God's authority with individual will, science, majority vote, whatever; or, attributes rights only to those able to articulate and defend their rights, which bodes ill for the weak and defenseless.

I could address other specific differences, but my goal is to point out the FUNDAMENTAL difference between the CP and the LP. Saying that everything is OK as long as it's "peaceful and honest" is very, very different than living according to rights AND responsibilities derived from an authoritative source of morality. It is not surprising, given such disparate starting points, that we have some major policy differences.

Supporting the LP because we agree on some issues and LP candidates might help advance some of our concerns, is the same as supporting the GOP for the same reasons. It might be politically convenient at times, but it means compromising our principles.

The great thing about the Internet is the convenience of information. Check out the Libertarian Party Platform for yourself and compare with the CP platform. I think educated decisions will fall in favor of the CP.

Mitch Turner

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