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CP Leads in Supporting the Ten Commandments


August 29, 2003
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In the wake of the recent controversy surrounding the removal of a Ten Commandments monument in Alabama, the Constitution Party is calling on all Americans to contact their Congressmen and Senators and urge them to support the "Ten Commandments Defense Act‚" (HR 2045).

"This bill is the first real piece of national legislation that actually reaffirms the intent of the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution," said James N. Clymer, chairman of the Constitution Party National Committee. "It spells out the historic relevance of the Ten Commandments to the American legal environment as well as the rights of the states to interrelate with America‚s religious heritage as they see fit."

"Consequently, it is imperative that every American contact their Congressman and Senator to urge passage of this bill," he said. "Because they will only act – especially the Senate – once they feel the heat from their constituents."

Debate over public displays of the Ten Commandments have hit a boiling point with the recent removal of a monument that was set up by Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, who defied a federal judges order to remove the monument on the grounds that it violated the First Amendment.

Clymer said that Justice Moore was completely within his rights as a state judge to erect the monument based upon the original intent of the Tenth Amendment.

"Our Founding Fathers held that it was well within the authority and power of the individual states to determine for themselves what kind of relationship – if any – they wanted to have with religion or religious institutions," Clymer said.

"At the time the Constitution was drafted, more than half of the states had either an official state religion or officially recognized a particular denomination of the Christian faith," he said.

Clymer said that the "Ten Commandments Defense Act" helps to bring a historic as well as legal perspective back to the relationship between the states and religion.

"Those Congressmen and women who have signed onto HR 2045 understand the tremendous relationship between the Judeo-Christian tradition and our legal system," Clymer said. "This bill simply acknowledges that historic relationship while at the same time sets any debate about it beyond the jurisdiction of activist courts that would otherwise prefer to rub the name of God out from every public edifice in the republic."

Clymer did note that there is a tremendous irony between his party's support for HR 2045 and those who are sponsoring it.

"The Constitution Party was the only national political party to publicly support Justice Moore on this issue," Clymer said. "Now the politicians in Washington, who were silent during this controversy, want to protect the rights of the states to express themselves."

Clymer said that despite that irony, the Constitution Party is not afraid to support legislation regardless of the sponsor as long as it reflects the original intent of the Founding Fathers view on a given issue.

"Our friends in Congress may be late to the party, but we welcome them none the less," he said.

The Constitution Party is the nation's third largest political party in terms of actual voter registration. The foundational purpose of the Constitution Party is to restore government to its proper constitutional role and restrain it to its Constitutional limits. Their strong belief in less governmental control and taxes as well as the protection of life, liberty, and property is gaining popularity nationwide.

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