Constitution Party of Virginia

It's Time to Pray

As the elections approach, Virginia's coordinator for WallBuilders calls pro-family Virginians to action ... on their knees.

by Sandra Grady

As the campaign for the November elections heats up, we should be motivated to actively support the candidate of our choice. The privilege of active involvement in our electoral process is an honor and great blessing which God gave to all of us as American citizens.

As one who has been involved in many on-site projects, I have been convinced more and more of the necessity for the entire political campaign and all of those involved to be covered with ongoing prayer by all citizens. I Timothy 2:1-4 gives us clear direction about praying for those who govern us. Here are some guidelines for praying for the very important upcoming elections:

  1. Pray for the favor and promotion of the candidate of God's choice. "You have not because you ask not," warns Scripture.
  2. Pray that the candidates will humbly seek God's direction daily and follow only His plans.
  3. Pray for the availability of adequate resources of volunteers and finances in order to run an effective campaign.
  4. Pray for a "clean" campaign by all involved -- in which the truth will be spoken, revealed and recognized and deception exposed.
  5. Pray for clear, godly directions, godly attitudes and unity among the campaign workers. Pray that they will have prayer meetings and will send out prayer requests to intercessors.
  6. Pray for the continued health, protection and strength for the candidates and campaign workers.
  7. Pray for the health, safety and time priorities for the families of the candidates and other workers and for a balance in the schedules to leave room for family needs.
  8. Pray for all news reporting to be unbiased, of high integrity, and to speak truth, not lies.
  9. Continue to pray that all incumbents will live godly lives and will follow God's counsel.
  10. Pray that all citizens will be motivated and well-informed with truth concerning the candidates and will vote as God directs them.
         One of the most successful campaigns I have ever seen was bathed in prayer from conception to victory. There was ongoing daily office prayer and weekly (sometimes daily) prayer faxes and alerts to involved citizens. With limited finances, this campaign was won "on the knees." Furthermore, there have been continued morning prayer meetings and weekly prayer and praise faxes from the nation's Capitol as God continues to guide and direct His faithful servant.
  11. Offer praise and thanksgiving for God's mercy, love and faithfulness to us in the elections.
  12. Give God glory for His victories.

-- Editor's note: WallBuilders is one of the nation's leading organizations devoted to intercession for the nation's leaders and laws.

Reprinted from The Virginia Citizen, a publication of The Family Foundation, (703)273-9555

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