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Choosing Life: Why I Am Voting For Michael Anthony Peroutka

By Dr. R.C. Sproul, Jr.

When it comes to representing me and my convictions about the purpose and scope of the state, there is just no one better than me. I'm sound, biblical, thoughtful, and while I know I am not always right, it seems I am every time I check. My greatest weakness is my schedule. I'm a busy man, and haven't the time to run for leader of the free world. If I had the time, however, I know one thing for certain- I'd get my vote.

While I cannot at this time find the time to run, however, I will find the time to vote. Every candidate that I am aware of, while having as an advantage over me that they are running, has this disadvantage- they are all wrong on certain things. So what's a man to do?

I could, because I prefer to keep the fruit of my labor, pick my candidate based on which promises to allow me to keep more of my wealth. I could, because I have a son and five daughters, choose that candidate which I think the least likely to try to ship my children off to foreign wars. I could make it rather simple, and choose that candidate who is most likely to keep its nose out of my business. Those might be reasonable criteria by which to decide. Rather less reasonable, but a point I'm willing to concede for now, I might choose my candidate on the basis of opinion polls, who has the best chance of winning.

There are any number of circumstances wherein a godly man might use the above in doing the moral calculus of determining for whom they ought to vote. But such are not our circumstances. Everything changes because we live, and vote, in a land where over a million babies are murdered every year by medical assassins hired by mommies. And it all takes place under the malevolent protective arm of the federal government.

Whether we take the principled approach to voting, or whether we believe the pragmatic approach to be the principled approach, one thing remains unchanged. Win or lose, I will, under no circumstances, give my vote to any man who will not affirm that it is the duty of the state to protect all children, born or not, no matter how they were conceived. I, unlike the current president, have a litmus test. I will not be supporting a candidate who supports the murder of unborn children, whether he is comfortable with 1.3 million murders, or 1 murder.

I agree with Michael Peroutka on virtually every issue there is, but he is not the perfect candidate. I will not vote for him because of my commitment to total philosophical purity. I will vote for him because of my commitment to unborn babies, because of his commitment to unborn babies. To do anything else is at best misguided, and at worst, accessory to murder.

Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr. is the pastor of Saint Peter Presbyterian Church in Bristol, Va. and the director of the Highlands Study Center.


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