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Morals Matter – Character Counts

A Survey to Aid in the Selection of Governing Representatives

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What our country needs in its leaders and legislators
are the purest Christian Principles,
the loftiest personal character,
the highest and most unselfish political aims;
that they may be men who no gold can buy,
no adulation of the people can mislead,
and no spirit of ambition can pervert.

Rev. S. W. Foljame

Selecting Those Who Will Represent You

In evaluating and selecting the candidates for public office, we should consider their character and their morals as well as their position on the issues.

NOW is the political mating season. The birds of politics wander from stump to stump, preening their feathers, dragging their tales behind them. How should we choose those individuals who would represent us in the halls and offices of government? In His written word, The Lord God set forth certain basic requirements - minimum standards - for those who would seek or hold public office.

The attributes were set forth in those early days when The Sovereign Lord God ordained and activated civil government. They were also set forth in the New Covenant as criteria regarding those who should hold office in church government. His standards are eternal; they should be our standards now: they provide a measuring rod Christians should employ as we consider the candidates and select those who will represent us in government today.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being best), how does the candidate rate based on these criteria?

  1. "Loves righteousness, and hates iniquity, a person of truth" (an unrighteous person will be an unrighteous official) Ex 18:21
  2. Known to be wise in the fear (respect) of The Lord and His word. Ex 18:21; Deut 1:13; 17:15
  3. Seeks truth rather than prestige or personal profit and power. Deut 1:17; 2 Chron 19:6,7
  4. Will not succumb to flattery or be bought by favors or bribery. Deut 16:19
  5. Will put the best (true) interests of the people above the pressures of private and special interests. Deut 17:17; Lev 19:15
  6. One who will seek justice, knowing that justice will be found only in obedience to God's holy word. Deut 16:18; 2 Sam 23:3.
  7. Is blameless, without scandal in personal or public life (for this and criteria 8, 9, & 10, see 1 Tim 3:1-13; also Ex 20:1-17).
  8. Is not wishy-washy, but is firmly grounded in The Bible, and strong in the faith; not covetous (v 3).
  9. Governs self and household well (personal habits and conduct of those who seek office are rightly matters of concern (v 4,5. Also Pr 25:28)).
  10. Exercises sound judgment; acts to uphold God's purposes for and principles of self and civil government (v 6,7. Also Mark 12:16,17).

Choose you this day: Who would best honor The Lord?

And ye, O peoples, to whom God gave the liberty
to choose your own magistrates,
see to it that
ye do not forfeit this favor
by electing to the positions of highest honor,
rascals and enemies of God.

John Calvin, Commentary on Samuel

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